Parforce Trail – 21Km

The 24th October I have participated in the Parforce Trail run in St. Dyrehave. There were 2 distances, 10+ and 20+ km. I was lucky to get a start number from 32Gi Team and chose to run the long one, which should be a little over 21Km, as we got to know on the day.

The run started punctually at 9AM with a braveheart-style start, where all runners were standing beside each other in a line. We quickly became a small group in the front and, as the first kms were very runnable, we ran them in a nice pace (between 3:50 and 4 min/km). The pace naturally slowed down when we reached the single tracks and we ended up around the 4:30-5min/km, which was pretty comfortable to me. I was honestly not so much in race mode, so I just followed the pace.

The trails were very nice, basically in and out of the blue MTB track. The forest was very very beautiful, covered with the nice autumn colors. The course was also very well marked, but we had to be very attentive, since it was difficult to see the trails, due to the many leafs covering it.

At some point, Lars Håkansson and I were alone in the front and we could no longer see the other guys. We started to meet runners coming from the opposite direction and we started wondering whether we had run wrong somewhere… There was not much to do anyways, so we just continued. Around km 17 I saw Per Egon Rasmussen and one of the other guys that were running with us in the beginning – How could they suddenly be in front of us?! I decided to speed up from there and as I passed Per, he told me that there was yet another guy in front of us, my answer as “I’ll try…”. I kept pushing and I could soon see him. It didn’t take long until I was in the front – the pulse was though high in these last kms :-).

I ended with a first place in 1h39min, not a fantastic time at all, I know – but that was not the purpose anyways…

My watch said 21,1km (with around 230+m of accumulated elevation gain) at the end and we have apparently ran a bit longer than the others. All in all it was a great day in the forest.

My girlfriend Maibritt also ran the long one and finish with in a 2nd place among the women. She is coming back after a long and hard period after her knee surgery and I am really proud and happy to see her racing again :-). Check her blog, I think she will probably write about the race there.

I ran in my La Sportiva Mutant, which have a super good grip, awesome shoes for the wet Danish winter months. It is a very versatile shoe in what regards natural surfaces. La Sportiva ultra-sticky compound FriXion XF guarantees a fantastic grip in anything from rocky and dry surfaces to wet and muddy terrain. The shoes also offer a very good protection to the feet, which I consider super important, and also have a protected toe box, which offers a good deal of protection if you end up kicking something harder than your feet :-). The fit of the shoes is what I would consider normal (not wide and not narrow), if you have tried some of their shoes before I you put it in-between the Ultra Raptor and the Bushido.  It also has a cool lacing system with a small pocket, so the knot (and the remains of the shoelaces) gets packed away and do not fly around while you are running. There will soon be some events in Denmark, where La Sportiva Danmark will be present and it will be possible to try some of the shoes. So stay tuned in the Facebook page and do not hesitate writing if you have questions :-).

My La Sportiva Mutant after the race

My La Sportiva Mutant after the race


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