Fruens Hamster Trail #3, Motivation and New Sponsor

October 3rd I have ran Fruens Hamster Trail #3, a run organized by Team Citronmåne in Næstved. FHT is a 6h run where were run in a 4km route with around 200m of positive elevation gain per round. I am not so much into running rounds, but it is always really nice to join Team Citronmåne’s runs, since the atmosphere is really nice and the races are very well arranged.

All the starters (missing only Søren Raarup, I guess) Photo: Brian Larsen

All the starters (missing only Søren Raarup, I guess)
Photo: Brian Larsen

The first 2h30-3h went fine. I had a nice flow and was not bored, the route was very cool, with some nice and challenging up and downhills. The weather was also quite nice. My mom and dad were visiting and they also came together to experience a little of what trail and ultra running is about. Maibritt was also there to support me :-).

After the middle of the race, I began to struggle with my motivation. When I first looked at my watch and saw that I was not even in the middle of the race, and already there I didn’t feel like continuing, I knew it would be a long day in the office.

It is around a month ago since I ran TDS (check eventually my race report here). For me, it always take a while until the motivation to run long again comes back to my head and body. This time I think it is taking even longer… Such a demanding race drains so much mentally, and the sensation of accomplishment is so big after you finish it, that a period of rest feels really like a well earned gift. So I am really taking my time and respecting my body as I think I have to.

All that said, I don’t think I was ready to run around in the forest for 6h and this time it really felt like my body could more than my head was willing to allow it. I was not looking forward to run, and this plays a very important role in how much I will be able to push myself. But I was decided not to quit. It is a nice mental training, to deal with such a long lasting mental crisis. It gives me tools that I’ll be able to use in my next runs.

I kept running, not as fast as I would wish, but it was steady progress without almost no pauses and almost no walking, except in some few uphill stretches. Time went by very slowly…

In the 3rd last round, Maibritt ran behind me. She was not allowed to run beside or in front of me, as to avoid pacing. It was nice to have her running with me and the time suddenly started going fast and I fell more motivated again. I ran another round alone and she joined me in the last round again. With some more motivation from Maibritt I have started running fast again, actually faster than I ran in my first rounds and I almost ran a full round, where I thought I would not even reach a half. It was a nice feeling to finish the race running at full speed.

I finished the race in a 3rd place, having run 51,6km with approximately 2600m of elevation gain. Claus Høier ran a really strong race and finished in first place with 55k and Leon Hansen finished in 2nd, just in front of me, with 52km.

Even though I think that I could have ran a better result if the motivation was there, I think that it is an OK result and I am satisfied with it. That was what I had in me this time :-). Thanks Team Citronmåne for the nice arrangement, for all the runners that were there and specially to my family: mom, dad and Maibritt.

But now there is a new motivation to jump all-in into my training again. My favourite brand of trail shoes La Sportiva will be sponsoring me. Ditlev Sport Aps, the danish distributor of La Sportiva, will be providing me with, what in my opinion is, the best trail and mountain running shoes in the market and possibly with some La Sportiva gear as well. It is a really great motivation to be able to represent a brand which I like so much, and hopefully be able to make it more visible in our trail running environment in Denmark. I’ll be present in some running events to talk to you about the shoes (which I have already tested in several mountain and trail runs), where it will also be possible to try some of the La Sportiva running shoes. Hopefully we’ll also be arranging some trail running events in the Copenhagen area, where runners (both experienced and beginners) will be able to try different models of La Sportiva shoes. Stay tunned :-)!
Here are some of the bad boys that I will be testing in the next days: Helios SR (2mm drop, 240g per shoe) and Helios (4mm drop, 250g per shoe).


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