North Vancouver – Baden Powell Trail

I’ve recently been to Vancouver/Canada in a business trip and I had some time during the weekend to explore a little. The guys in MEC have a very nice project going, where trail runners can meet-up every Saturday for a run in their “backyard”. They are a group of very good runners that know the area very well, so if you are in Vancouver for the weekend, check their event list here.
We had a great 2h run in the Baden Powell Trail. The place is super beautiful, with some really cool downhills. Canada is really a cool destination for outdoor adventures and I really want to go back for some vacations there. The Rocky Mountains sound like an awesome destination and I really want to do a time trial at the Grouse Grind.
I didn’t film a lot or took many pictures, since I was busy enjoying the run :-). But I did filmed a few minutes and took some shaky pictures, which I am sharing here :-).

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