Krøllebølle Trail Invitational #2

The Race

Krøllebølle Trail Invitational is a small event organized by my friend Moses Lovstad. The idea is that we run around the island of Bornholm through the Kyststien (a trail on the cost of the island, which is around 115km long) in social tempo and at the same time try to beat the supported FKT for this trail. You can find the GPX file for the route here.

We arrived in Bornholm on Friday the 7th of November, the night before the run. Moses picked us up at the ferry and went to his parent’s place, who were so kind to offer us to overnight at their place.

The run started punctually at 5AM the 8th of November. We were 5 at the start line: Jens Røyen, Anders Møller, Thomas Skov, Annemette Skov and I. The temperature was agreeable and we were almost certain that the weather would be good. We ran counterclockwise starting at Gudhjem, so we started heading to the north of the island.

At the start line Photo: Moses Lovstad

At the start line
Photo: Moses Lovstad

I was running in shorts and a thin long sleeved CEP ultralight and had my Salomon Hybrid in my waist. It is amazing how warm it is this year… middle of November and we can still run in shorts!

We were running in a very comfortable pace and we followed together for the first 10km. The idea is that we would try to keep a controlled pace all the way and see how long the group would stay together.

Moses and Maibritt were following us in a car, which was serving as a moving aid station, and they would wait for us in specific places (around every 1 to 2 hours).

We waited for each other when someone had to go to the bathroom and also at the aid stations. We lost quite some time at the start by being so many. But it was nice to run as a group and we were not really worried by time.

I had to be careful at some places because it was hard to see where I was stepping due to the great amount of leaves on the ground, which was quite wet as well.

Slowly we started to spread, we lost Anders around Hammerknuden and Thomas dropped out there (he had said from the start that he would not be running the whole way). Moses joined us for the next 5-6km.

The day came up but the weather was not that great. The temperature was good but it was quite humid and no sun. We soon lost Annemette as well, so now it was just Jens and I.

We had a stable and comfortable tempo and we were both feeling fresh. I had never run on the west-coast of Bornholm, but Jens knew the way quite well from last year so we could easily find our way. The west-coast of the island is quite beautiful as well. Pretty much flat, but beautiful.

We would meet the guys for time to time, fill our bottles, eat something and continue without wasting much time.

Depot at Rønne Photo: Moses Lovstad

Depot at Rønne
Photo: Moses Lovstad

Most of the west-coast is beach though, and we ran quite a lot on the sand. After Rønne it was pretty much running on the beach. The sand is compact, but you still sink and it consumes quite a lot of energy. Also, the compact sand is usually very close to the water and the ground is very uneven, which puts much more load on the left leg and requires a lot of work on the heaps.

Jens wanted to reach Dueodde-fyr (south of the island) before 14PM and we did that with 30min to spare.

Although it was hard to run on the sand, it was a quite astonishing landscape and the sun was really shinning.

After Dueodde-fyr the beach was much more better to running, since the sand was more compact and the ground was more even. I could feel that Jens was pressed but he was keeping up. I could have increased the tempo, but I was enjoying to run with Jens considered that finishing this run together with him was much more valuable that just getting a better time.

We were running quite well together, pacing each other and alternating in finding the way. In the end Jens came up over his crisis quite strong, it was very nice to see!

Right before Nexø, Moses was waiting for us with French Fries! Jens kept going while I sat down and enjoyed the meal for some seconds.

The night started falling; we put our lamps on and continued. The last kilometers up to Gudhjem were taking forever…

In the last 2.5km we were met by an astonishing full moon. It was incredible!

Suddenly we were back to where we started and the adventure was over. It took us 13h22min to complete the 115km around the island, which is apparently the supported FKT for this trail. Can it be done faster? I have no doubts that it can; we are nowhere near a very fast time. But I think we did a good job :-).


This time I tried to eat much more than usual and it worked really well. I basically eat/drink the following during the whole day:

  • 4 envelopes of 32Gi Endure energy drink (peach flavor)
  • 1 envelope of 32Gi Recovery drink during the last 30km (vanilla flavor)
  • 5 32Gi gels (vanilla flavor)
  • 3 packs of 32Gi Chews (peach and raspberry)
  • Cacao milk, water, coke, hindbærsnitte, romkugler, bread, french fries

My energy levels were good all the way and I basically didn’t feel tired until the end of the run (the last kms are always hard, no matter what :-)).

I once again got super satisfied with the 32Gi products, both from how well they work for me and from a taste perspective. My stomach was not upset at any time.


Since we were going to meet the moving aid station quite often, I decided to run as lightweight as possible. Therefore I didn’t use a backpack, but used an Ultimate Direction handheld instead. The equipment list is as follows:

  • CEP ultra light t-shirt long sleeves: fantastic t-shirts, the best I’ve tried so far.
  • Fusion PWR tri-shorts: they are not only comfortable but the pockets on the sides are super useful. I used them to carry my energy.
  • Salomon Hybrid jacket: I really like that it can be collapsed into a waist belt, makes it so easy to carry and use it!
  • Injinji wool socks: super comfortable, but I am not impressed with the durability. I had wholes in both socks.
  • Brooks Pure Grit 3:  I am a fan of the Brooks Pure line. Super comfortable shoes. However, the grip of the Pure Grit 3 is not that good. The rubber is too hard and it gets very slippery in wet rocks. Nonetheless, I am extremely happy that I have chosen these shoes since they are an awesome all-around shoes and they are as good in asphalt as in the trails.
  • Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip handheld:  super minimalistic and comfortable handheld

All in all

Krøllebølle Trail Invitational was without a doubt an experience I will not forget. I had an amazing day in Bornholm with friends and beautiful landscapes. I had energy all the way and enjoyed every kilometer. Moses arranged a super cool and small run where everything has worked perfectly. We had a nice weekend together, and Moses’ parents even invited us for a nice brunch the day after the run (MUMS!!).

Maibritt also got the opportunity to run some parts of the route and it was really cool to see how happy she was! She is coming back strong :-)!

Thanks Moses for such a cool arrangement, and for all of you guys (Maibritt, Moses, Annemette, Thomas, Jens and Anders) for such a great weekend!

The day after the run at the highest point in the island Photo: Moses Lovstad

The day after the run at the highest point in the island
Photo: Moses Lovstad

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