Last months and upcoming races

A lot has happened in the last 2 months. To start with the wildest, I’ll be running the PTL (306km and 28000+ high meters) with my friend Moses Lovstad (aka trailløberen) in the end of August. This has changed my focus from the 80km du Mont Blanc, which was my main goal this year, to the PTL.

Since Fyr-til-fyr I have been ramping up my training and I finished the last four weeks accounting 505km. This gives me an average of 21km per training session, since I have Mondays free of training. I think that this is probably the month where I have been running most kilometers so far. Now I do not necessarily think that more is better for everybody, but it seems to work like that for me. My training has been focused to improve my fat burning, which was not where it should be – and I could really feel that during the races. So primarily low intensity training. I think that it is quite important to have a focus on each training session and use the limited time that I have to train smart.

The PTL race has a lot of new elements to me. The distance, terrain and amount of high meters are quite brutal. The cut-off time is 141 hours (approx. 6 days) and, according to what I have been reading, most of the teams will use all the 6 days to come to goal. So being out for so long in lack of sleep and in hard terrain will certainly be very challenging. We’ll also have to carry a relativelly heavy pack, due to all the mandatory equipment (which is a quite extensive list) and supplies for at least a little over one day. There will be 5 life bases, where we can eat, sleep and get our drop bags (we have 4 drop bags, none in the last life base). Furthermore, we can use what we find on the way, meaning mountain cabins to sleep and eat at own cost. Nutrition will also be different from the ultras that I have been running so far. I’ll carry gels and energy bars, but real food will have to be in the menu. Dried food seems to be a great option, so I’ll be trying that. Due to the limited amount of life bases, water can also be an issue, so some sort of water filtering/purification will be needed. It will be a completelly new experience to me and I am really looking forward to it. It will be quite an adventure and we’ll for sure see some amazing places! We’ll certainly come back with many stories to tell and a lot of learnings.

Moses has a good experience with mountain running and very long distance ultras, so I am very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in this race with him. We have ran the Transgrancanaria 125km together in March and all worked quite well, so I am sure that we’ll work well as a team in PTL.

In  a little less than 3 weeks, I’ll be racing the 80km du Mont Blanc, which is a race I have really been looking forward to. I hope that this will provide me a glimpse of the kind of terrain that the we’ll be going through during the PTL. I’ll be travelling with other friends that will also run this race, so it will be a very nice trip as well. Chamonix will be probably booming trail running because of the Skyrunning. I am sure that it will be a very tough race, with 80km and 6000+ high meters.

Since the 80km du Mont Blanc will happen 2 weeks after Gendamstien, I’ve decided that I’ll not be running Gendarmstien. I do not want to risk a race that I have been looking so much forward to (You never know… better be safe than sorry). I am sure that Gendarmstien will be a great race, as all the runs from the Ultracuppen, and I’ll be instead helping in the race and following all the cool runners that will be there :-). I hope to see many of you!

Below you can see a short movie from a nice trail run in Kullen/Sweden that I did together with some friends in May.

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