Ultraløbet Fyr-til-fyr 2014

I have been running many races in the last 2 months or so. Most of them I’ve registered last year, expecting that I would have a long training period in the winter. Things didn’t really go as expected and although the ground shape is there, I miss some fine tuning in my training.

My expectation for Fyr-til-fyr this year was to run under 6h, but try to run under 5h30min.

I started the run in the front pack, expecting to find the right place and adjust the pace as the race progressed. I didn’t start hard at all, my pace was stable around 4:50-5:00min/km. It was easy enough to run though the first 10km on the beach, since the sand is quite hard-packed. But, I could feel that last weekend’s race was still in my legs and it didn’t take much long for them to start getting heavy.

Start of the race - Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Start of the race – Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Dueodde Strand - Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Dueodde Strand – Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Dueodde Strand - Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Dueodde Strand – Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

The first 35kms or so went well, but my pace went significantly down after that. I was not feeling tired mentally, but I could just not run faster.

Dueodde Strand - Photo: Moses Lovstad

Dueodde Strand – Photo: Moses Lovstad

After Gudhjem, around 40km in the race, I have been reached by my friend Rune Yates, who was having a small crisis, but was still running strong. We followed the next 10km. Once we reached the asphalt, he increased the pace and ran his own race from there (godt kæmpet og løbet, Rune! Tak for selskabet! Read more about Rune in his blog). The last 8km or so I have followed with a nice guy called Jacob Mogensen, which I’ve met in the race. We had a slow but stable pace and the last kilometers went quite fast with some small-talking.

Arriving at Gudhjem aid station

Arriving at Gudhjem aid station

I have arrived in goal after 5h48min, feeling good and fresh.

Hammer Fyr and the finish line - Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Hammer Fyr and the finish line – Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel

Finish at Hammer Fyr - Photo: Maibritt Skovgaard

Finish at Hammer Fyr – Photo: Maibritt Skovgaard

My nutrition worked fine, no stomach problems. I had some Winforce and GU gels (around every hour), and energy drink all the way. I could and should have eaten/drink more than I did, but I’m slowly finding what works best for me.

My stops in the depots were also quite fast – fill in the soft flasks with energy drink, a glass of coke and away we go. There is absolutely no point in staying long at the depot!

I also had the chance to test my new Garmin Fenix 2, which works really well. Really fast satellite location with the satellite caching and super good course tracking.

I have set my watch to follow the course and I have run almost all the run without looking at time. I didn’t know my time at all until 45-50km. It was a very good experience to just run as it felt good and not getting pressed by time.

The equipment choice was perfect: Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest with 2 Salomon soft flasks 500ml. I ran in my North Face Ultra Guide shoes, which are really good in soft ground but the grip is far from optimal in rocks (it got quite slippery at some points).

I am OK satisfied with my race, taking into consideration all that I’ve been running lately and that my training has been quite limited in the last half year. I had a very good race, where I followed my body signals and ran comfortably the whole way. My nutrition/hydration worked well – not perfect yet – and I had nice company along the way :-).

Fyr-til-fyr is a really cool race with very varied terrain. You get to see a lot from Bornholm on your feet and I must say that the guys have been very good with the weather in the last 2 races :-)! Keep it on! For me, the most special about Fyr-til-Fyr is not the competition, it is all the atmosphere around this race. Moses, Thure and all the crew are fantastic to create a really friendly and family-like environment. If you haven’t tried this race yet, you should think about it :-).

Thanks to my friends Yvonne Wielandt and Lars Berlau, and to my girlfriend Maibritt Skovgaard for a cozy weekend in Bornholm! It was definitely a very good weekend :-).

Now it is time to rest a bit and recover from the many races, and then I’ll start increasing and focusing on my training for good. I’m really looking forward for that! I have been running too many races and haven’t really had the time to focus on training. In May it will get really serious again :-)!

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