World Half Marathon Championship – Copenhagen 2014


It has been over one and a half year ago since I ran my last half marathon and I was not really planning to run this one. But since I’ve got a number from my girlfriend Maibritt Skovgaard, I decided to run it. It is not every day that you get the chance to experience a world championship :-).

I had really low expectations about my performance, since after my injury I haven’t really done any speed workouts or tempo runs. I was expecting to get a time around the 1:27 – 1:30.

I had previously agreed with my friend Casper that we should try to follow and hold a tempo of 4:00min/km as long as we could.


Once the race started we were both feeling really good and we kept a tempo of around 3:55min/km. I had no idea of how fast I should run, because I had really not focused my training on this type of run for a long time. Somewhere, I was just expecting that I would get tired and have to reduce the pace. However, I was able to keep the pace from start to finish!

I had a great run with a very constant pace all the way. I think I could have actually ran faster, because I was not tired at all once I crossed the finish line.

It was a cool race where I really went over all my expectations. It means a lot to feel that I’m getting back in shape :-).

My net time was 1:23:46, which means a new PR by over a minute.


I have been focusing a lot on strength training lately and I think that it have really helped me coming back in shape, although I was not able to focus in speed. My long runs and spinning at fat-burning intensity have also helped me keeping and improving my endurance.

There was around 30.000 runners in the race and I unfortunately didn’t get a very good starting position. So it was a bit chaotic all the way. I was hoping that at some point people would get more dispersed, but it didn’t happen… So I had to run a bit of zig-zag all the way… And at some points I was forced to reduce the pace because I couldn’t go through. Details… 🙂

The weather was fantastic, the run was cool and I am very happy with my result. Summing up it is all good.

Thanks to my girlfriend for pushing me to run this race (and for all the support you always give me. You are fantastic!). And thanks to my friend Casper for the good company during the race. It is to be repeated :-).

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