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Møns Klint – 11th January 2014

After a long time out, without being able to run, I’m finally getting back slowly. It feels good to be able to run outside again, enjoy the nature and good company.

Saturday, the 11th of January, Peter Jensen, Mads Blume, Christoffer Friman and I went for a run at Møns Klint. The main objective has to get some high meters and spend some hours running outside.

Running at Møns Klint is really nice because it offers a lot of possibilities. There are nice hills, lots of single tracks with technical terrain (rocks, stairs and roots), nice places to run off-trail and several big stairs, for those who want some extra high meters and like to use stairs in their training.

We were out for around 4 hours, and moving for around 3h. We’ve ran a little over 20km with 1400+ high meters. Main focus in high meters and time (and not in speed).
I also had the change to try my new running poles, which I intent to use in Transgrancanaria in March. It is the first time I use them and it definitely requires some getting use to. In the beginning it felt like I had a pair of extra legs. I had to look down a lot to find where to place the poles and it felt weird. But quickly I figured out how to use them and they are pretty useful, especially in steep uphills and downhills (mostly in uphills in my opinion).

It was a nice and cozy training day to be repeated. It must be really cool to run there during the spring in a clear day.

Thanks guys for a great day in the trails. Check the video below :-).

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