Winforce 100 – 50km training

I went for a run to try the Winforce 100 route, which I’ll be running in August. Maibritt and I got a ride with Mads Nimann Jensen and we arrived there around 8:30AM. It rained the day before and the day was quite cloudy, chilly and with little rain.

We all met at the start point, which is in a parking place in Odsherred, close to the beach (Højbjergvej, Ordrup, 4540 Fårevejle). At 9AM we started the run. We were 9 runners and the mood was quite nice.
The route was downloaded into our watches and that is how we found our way around. You can find the route here (this link was provided by the organizers and is probably also maintained by them).

The first 1.5km of the route are the most (and mostly the only) technical part of the route. We run in the beach and very close to the water. The mix of sand and rocks makes the terrain hard to run fast and requires quite a lot of attention. I can imagine that the 4th lap there will not be so funny :-).

After leaving the beach, we run over some cliffs close to the coast. Really beautiful. Some hills, but nothing very big. The terrain is quite comfortable to run.

The terrain changes to actual roads (not asphalt) before we get into the forest for the next ~2km (around the same place where we run the last 2km).

There are times where we run into relatively dense forest and times where we run through open fields. The nature is very beautiful and the route is definitely not boring.
There are occasional and very short asphalt stretches (~3x). They are actually quite short and we ran mostly in trails.

The high points of the route, in my opinion, are 2:

  • Between 14 and 15km when we reach Vejrhøj: incredible view of the hill and from the top of the hill
  • Around 17km: A big downhill of ~600-700m, which is a really cool to run (and also tough because you have to go back the same way 😉 – bittersweet)

Generally speaking, I don’t think that route is very technically demanding. There are hills on the way but most of them are not very steep. The downhills, with very few exceptions, are not steep either.
There are a lot of kms in relatively high grass, which makes the terrain quite soft.
In a rainy day (or light rain like during our training run), it is very easy to get the shoes wet, but there is almost no muddy places.
The kind of terrain is mostly grass and woods, with short paved stretches.
We measured a little over 500 positive high meters per round, which will end up summing to around 2100m in the 100km.

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about the terrain is that at times it is quite uneven, and it is hard to see where you are stepping due to the high grass. It makes it easy to twist the ankles. Therefore, I think that lower shoes are better for this race.

There was 1 water tap on the way, which was around 9-10km if I remember well. There might be others, but we didn’t see them. On the race day I believe that there will be more opportunities to fill up with water in aid stations.

Navigation is not particularly easy. There are some sharp turns and some off-trail parts. In general, many places where we can run wrong. I hope that the route will be well marked.

We ran 2 rounds (around 50km) and we had a very nice day in the Odsherred trails. I am pleased with the route and although I don’t think that it is a very hard route, it is quite beautiful and I am sure that we’ll have a great race. Furthermore, adding 100km on top of the route will certainly make the race tough.

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4 Responses

  1. Jesper Haure Nørrevang says:

    Thanks for a nice description. According to the
    “løberhåndbog” (runner’s guide) paragraph 9, we have the depot at
    the start/finish every 25 km, and the water tub at km 9. Nutrition
    from other sources are not allowed.

  2. fbastian says:

    Hi Jesper. I haven’t looked into the guide yet, but
    thanks for the info. I’ve heard someone saying that there would be
    more aid stations, but I have no idea if that is accurate.

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  2. March 23, 2014

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