Ultraløbet Fyr-til-fyr 2013

Ultraløbet Fyr-til-Fyr is a 60km trail run in the Danish island of Bornholm. The run starts at the lighthouse in the south of the Island (Duodde fyr) and goes through the east coast up to the lighthouse in the north of the island (Hammer fyr).

Ultraløbet Fyr-til-fyr 2013 was the first edition of the run and approximately 85 runners showed up. The day was amazing: the sun was shinning and there was almost no wind.
After the vow that we were joining the race at our own risk, the run started at 10AM at Duodde fyr. I ran down straight to the beach, where we should run the next 8-9km. The sand is quite firm so it is not that hard to run. The route is very beautiful, with a mix of technical terrain, track and single track, and asphalt. There are some hills on the way, but not a lot of high meters. The landscape is gorgeous and the terrain changes quite often.

The depot was at around km 38-39. Since there is only one depot, you have to carry supplies for the whole run. The route is only signalized in some spots, so the basic navigation instruction is ‘be close to the coast’. Just after leaving the beach, I unfortunately took a wrong turn in Nexø, where I ran into the Harbor and had to run back. I was, at that time, running very close to the front pack, which consisted of 4-5 runners. My out-of-course run cost me not only time, but also motivation. Actually, it was quite fun to look at my GPS data after the run, I think I missed at least 30min with all the mistakes I did. Maibritt and I had fun following the paths and ‘ops! look at that one!’… Lesson learned anyways, next time I’ll do better :-).

I’m definitelly showing up for the 2014 edition, which I have already signed up for. In general, I think that the race was very well organized. Even a bus has been hired to bring us from the finish line (Allinge, which is very close to Hammer Fyr and is where most of the runners were hosted), which made the life much easier for most of us. The depot was really nice, with enough different options, and people were very helpful.

What I like the most about these kind of run is that people is so nice. It is not only about winning, but also about enjoying the run and people’s company along the way. You end up meeting many nice people that share a common passion.

I’ve got 15th with 06:12:23, which is not bad, but not very good. I didn’t had a great day (haven’t sleep much the week before) and I think I didn’t get my nutrition right in the start.
The day after there was a small confraternization and the podium. Most of people showed up, still high after a great run. It was ‘hyggeligt’ :-).

I’ll be soon back to Bornholm for the Salomon Hammer Trail 50M. Can’t wait!

Here’s the official video of the 2013 run:

And here’s a small video of the start of the race and depot (by Maibritt Skovgaard):

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